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Taurus Man

The Taurus man is one of the nicest males of the Zodiac and women tend to find him a most loveable character. Unfortunately he is not to good at revealing his feelings to his partner preferring instead to show his love by way of the things he does.   

Persistent as a sweetheart...steadfast and loving as a husband...the Taurus man makes for a marvellous father.   

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This is a relatively uncomplicated man who values trust and loyalty and expects the same in others with whom he comes in contact. 

Unlike some of the other Zodiac Signs, the Taurus man will not chose a partner based purely on pretty facial looks, however, a good curvy may be the greater attraction. A Taurus man will be happy to marry a woman from any station in life, as long as she can cook well and keep the house running smoothly.   

The Taurus man is not the most passionate of men, however he is certainly much deeper than he allows others to know. 

He is a good-natured and practical person but does possessed of a pretty stubborn streak. So, although his temper may be slow to rise, once it does, he can be a very formidable character to deal with. 

The Taurus man, while often somewhat shy or reserved, does have a quiet power and charisma that can speak volumes. 

It's a quality that women often find irresistible and, one that tends to provide women with a sense safety and security. 

He will treat his woman like a princess while at the same time insist on being in charge of the household money affairs.  

A Taurus man likes to be kept in the loop with regard to most family matters and, while he might leave ultimate decision to his partner, he still likes to be consulted and his opinion heard in most matters. 

The Taurus man has a weakness for good food so can be easily impressed by a good, home-cooked meal. He can be wonderfully generous to the point of giving away his last dollar or the shirt off his back.   

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The Taurus man is a good provider within his home and likes be comfortable and lord of all he surveys. He can exhibit jealousy, however, his partner should realize that such display is nothing more than an example of the Taurus man's ceaseless search for security. 

Taurean's often become the mainstay within a company, their community and certainly within their family. Organization is also something in which they excel. 

They are reliable, loyal, and easy to get along, a good team player and practical with a down-to-earth outlook. Some of the world's most influential and able politicians have been born under this Sign. 

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